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  1. This was exactly what I wanted, I must have missed it in the documentation. Thank you very much! Thank you Carl and Jonathan. Sebh - it's a bit more complex than that, The whole thing I have setup would take forever to explain, but basically I'm chaining the creation of the tweenlites. However when I would chain 3 or so together the third 'fromTo' would be rendered until the timeline fired the others before it. SO by setting the rendering to false on the proceeding ones I am addressing the very issue I needed to resolve.
  2. First post, so I may be a n00b. I've noticed that if I am using TimelineLite and I instantiate a fromTo tween that until the TImeline fires the tween for the first time, the css associated with the from portion of the animation is not reflected until that moment. in other words if I animate fromTo() and set the 'from' opacity to 0, it will be visible until that animation starts, then it will animate from '0' to whatever. I would imagine this is not intentional so I want to clear up the possibility that it is a built in limitation before I debug my code, as it is large and involved. I am adding tweens to the timeline via other js functions , so it my be my code is doing something funky but I need to make absolutely sure no one else can reproduce this issue. settings.startOpacity = 0; tl.add( TweenLite.fromTo(target,s,{ opacity:settings.startOpacity, }, { delay:delay, opacity:settings.endOpacity }) ); // so once this fires it works fine, but before then the opacity is set to 1. To further complicate things, setting the css via the style sheet to 0 does not work as the browser then sets it to 1, regardless of adding an '! important' tag.