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  1. Hi jonathan, both mobile safari and desktop safari were happened the same issues. (I tested on my friends macbook safari, same issue exist。) My Mobile os: ios7.1.1 (11D201) My Desktop os: OSX 10.9.4, safari: 7.0.6 (9537.78.2) thx!
  2. hm... I tried different preloader js plugins, but all failed. All happened choppy animation on safari with gsap. here is the demo link of using other preloaded plugin http://cstory.cn/safari/test2.html Really no idea how to solve this, can some body help me plz. Thx.
  3. Hi Carl, maybe it's the bug from pxload js plugin, I changed to 10 request already, but still happened the same issue. thx for your help!
  4. Hi Johnthan, thx for all your advise, I follow your suggest step by step, but it is still not working, the choppy animation still happened in safari. anyway, it is good to the "autoAlpha" property, I didn't notice this property before. Thx!
  5. Hi Carl, I already fixed and remove all the necessary codes. thx.
  6. In codepen url: http://codepen.io/jackyon/pen/gKEBl all works normal. If I save the code as a independent file and opening in safari browser, the gasp animation become choppy, other browsers works normally. I don't know why this happened, is it the bug from safari, or from gasp? (mobile safari also have this issue.) issue url: http://cstory.cn/safari/ (choppy animation happened at 1st time when there is no images cache in your browser.) I used pxload js to preload the images. This is very weird issue. I am trying to figure out why for two days. plz help me! thx!