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    Resetting rotation

    I have a button that, when clicked does tl = new TimelineLite(); tl.to(photo, 1, {rotationY:-180, z: -500}); tl.to(photo, 1, {rotationY:-360, z: 0}); Trying to figure out how go to get the rotationY at 0 so when clicking the button again, it'll rotate and animate correctly.
  2. Ok, found out "x" doesn't work well with ie but using "left" or "right" does.
  3. I put together a simple slideshow animation and it works in Chrome and Firefox but not in ie. The images slide left to right like a typical slideshow but in ie, the position of the container is reset to 0 on every transition and then it animates to the next position. This is all that's going on in TimelineLite: var tl = new TimelineLite({delay:1, onComplete:completeHandler}); tl.to( d1, 2, {css:{x:-420}}, 1) .to( d1, 2, {css:{x:-840}}, 1) .to( d1, 2, {css:{x:-1260}}, 1) .to( d1, 2, {css:{x:-1680}}, 1); So after the 1 second delay, the postion is set to 0 and then animates to -420. After 1 second, the position is reset to 0 and animates to -840 etc. etc.