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  1. Isobar

    How to stagger?

    I don't know if you know about the SplitText gsap plugin. But I assume it does all the heavy lifting for what you are trying to achieve? Here's a SplitText demo: http://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/gFHza If you aren't a member of Club GreenSock, but still want to take the SplitText plugin for a drive, you can use the CodePen specific demo plugins here: http://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/OPqpRJ
  2. Arh, it wasn't my cache. I'm using the minified classes. The ThrowPropsPlugin.min.js is still version 0.9.8, and that's why I didn't get the updates. It works with the uncompressed class, and that should be it! Thank you guys very much for all your efforts! I really appreciate it!
  3. Thanks buddy. I just downloaded, and updated my entire greensock library, but the issue still exists there. :S I even tried to copy the codepen example over to my server to test the exact same code, but the overshooting still occurs. Am I doing something wrong, or haven't you submitted your changes yet? I'm seeing version 1.16.1 in my dashboard, and the download popup screen says: Version: 1.16.1 updated 2015-04-09.
  4. All right, I'm ready to test it now, but where do I download the newest version of the ThrowPropsPlugin? I suppose the one in the codepen is restricted to that specific purpose?
  5. Woohooo! Thanks for the help! It did in fact work in the codepen example, with your updates, Jack! I need to test it when I'm done with the project I'm working on right now. I'll let you know later during the day. Thank you both, very much for your help.
  6. Yea, he's pretty cool. Awesome, thanks for the help! I changed the min and max duration properties to 30, so the animation would continue longer, and set the scale down tween to a duration of .2 seconds, and it looks awesome! Thanks. However, I just noticed that the rotated wheel does not end in the specified rotation snap. You can have a look at the codepen here, where I have changed the knob image with a wheel of fortune, to explain it more easily: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/myZwEE I suppose this is because the scale down tween, doesn't let it animate to the end? Oh, and the onThrowComplete:myMethod, doesn't fire now, since the scale comes to a halt before the complete animation is done.
  7. Hey OSUblake. Thanks man! I've tried to use your codepen example, and the documentation states that the default value for the overshootTolerance is 1. However, when I change the value to something as small as 0.1, it doesn't really minify the overshoot animation time. (I'm guessing this number is representing "seconds"?) You see, I want the animation time to be five seconds or more, but that little "easing animation" that we call the overshoot, is not responding, as I would expect. It's basically ignoring the overshoot, as it seems, with any other value than 0. Take a look at the codepen here. (I forked yours). http://codepen.io/anon/pen/VYJpwW?editors=001 EDIT: Just found a demo, which is basically the feel I am going for! Have a look here please. http://www.gannon.tv/envato/wheel_of_luck_demo/
  8. Hey guys! I am using your suggestions above to make a wheel of fortune spin for a longer duration, but it seems that the "minDuration" option adds it throughout the entire animation. That is the "overshoot" animation takes longer as well. I am using snap to snap to 20 degree increments, and need this to check whether the user wins or loses at the end of the spin. Is it possible to add time (or lower the resistance enough) to the initial spin, so that my animation takes longer on the first part of the animation, and the overshoot animation just takes half a second or so? Otherwise it doesn't look soo much as a "wheel of fortune" as it looks like a "wheel of cheats" hehe. Heres a codepen example I made, to illustrate the issue: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/jEjyLK Thanks guys.
  9. Hey buddy! Thanks for the codepen example! It turned out though, that I was disabling the draggable instance, onRelease as well. I had a function to fire, when I released, to set the Draggable object to disabled, so the user couldn't drag until the end of the animation. This I moved into the enDragEnd method, after the line where I use the getVelocity method, and that worked for me. I updated my previous post, to show the mistake I was making. Thanks for the quick response!
  10. Hey Jack, I'm trying to track the velocity on rotation, using your example above. But the console always spits out the velocity as being: NaN. Can you help me identify, why I'm not getting the velocity? Here's my Draggable instantiation: myDraggable = Draggable.create('#wheel', { type: "rotation", throwProps:true, onRelease:someReleaseMethod, onDrag:updateDirections, onDragEnd:function() { console.log("velocity is: " + ThrowPropsPlugin.getVelocity(this.target, "rotation") + " and the duration is " + this.tween.duration() + " seconds."); }, snap:function(endValue) { return Math.round(endValue / rotationSnap) * rotationSnap; } }); function someReleaseMethod() { myDraggable[0].disable(); }