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  1. Wow, what an amazing response! Thank you very much @Carl and @GreenSock. This does indeed appear to fix the issue. Really appreciate the quick, very detailed and helpful response. You are absolutely correct @PointC, GSAP is an amazing platform and GreenSock, an outstanding company.
  2. I've run across an issue where I am pulling a chunk of text from a database and some of the words are hyphenated. When I try to use SplitText to animate the text block and then revert it once it's complete ( so the paragraph flows properly on resize ) there is a jump between the split text render of the text and the reverted state. The jumps occur when hyphenated words are close to the end of a line causing a line-break mid-hyphen. ( See Pen ) Is there a good way around this without having to adjust the text coming in? Thanks.