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  1. Hi, Jonathan. Thanks for you replying. I'm sorry that I made you misunderstanding what I mean. I'll try my best to clarify the problem I met here. What I want to do is to DISABLE the lagSmoothing, which make my Tween paused when I switch to other Browser tabs. Calling lagSmoothing(0) when DOM is ready is fine. It will solve my problem. My tween will continue playing when I switch to other Browser tabs. I want to do some advanced trick. What I want to do is trying to disable lagSmoothing "before" I switch to other Browser tabs, which should make my Tween continue playing, and e
  2. Hi, I've tried these event, it doesn't work for my case. It doesn't call focusout at switching tabs. I have no idea how to do with this, because the action 'blur' and 'focus' looks very fit to my question (called blur when switch tabs and called focus when switch back), but the animate still paused... Currently, I set lagSmoothing(0) when the DOM is ready and never set it back. I'll keep finding the solutions. Thanks, guys. If I found some useful tips or solutions I'll edit my post.
  3. Thanks a lot, here's my result. I have tried TweenLite.ticker.useRAF(false), but it's no use, the animation still paused (or as GreenSock said, limited to very low fps). Then I changed to call TweenLite.lagSmoothing(0), and it worked! When I switch to other tabs and switch back, the animate is still sync with the music. After lagSmoothing works, I want to do something like Chrysto said, but looks like blur and focus is not suitable for chrome. However, I think that's another question and not belong to this thread. Thanks again, guys. I have not done many tests so far, but it looks fine f
  4. Hello everyone, I'm new to GSAP. I found that when I switch to other tabs, my tweens in timeline will stop to work (or say paused) until I switch back to original tab. That will be a critical problem because I made a music game by GSAP and Web Audio API. When I switch to other tabs, the music will continue playing but the animate won't, which cause the animation and the music are not sync. I have searched some keywords like [pause, switch tab, timeline, tween] but found nothing. Can someone tells me how to fix this? Thanks a lot.