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  1. Cycle.js drivers are just functions. So making a GSAP driver should be as easy as importing GSAP libraries into the driver, then using GSAP functions together with RxJS operators. GSAP and RxJS would then be composed together into observable pipelines, which are state modifier functions. The custom modifier functions would modify state and this would in turn reactively update/render the Virtual-DOM and subsequently the DOM view. If GSAP functions are pure functions like RxJS operators are then this is a great matchup. P.S. Sorry about the GASP-ing
  2. Yeah, what is going on with reactive programing is truly awesome! There are no GASP and Cycle.js demos that I am aware of yet. Likely you would be best to make a GASP driver and it would be added in a Cycle.js apps main(). Once that is done the GASP drivers functions can be called from any other component or driver. So the GASP driver would be an observable along with other drivers like the DOM driver, which uses Virtual-DOM. Feel welcome to visit our gitter channel and ask any question you may have: https://gitter.im/cyclejs/cycle-core
  3. Cycle,js was initially created because of React's problems. It goes way beyond only focusing on components and their state. Cycle.js fully reactive not partially reactive like React or Angular or every other framework out there. To accomplish this reactivity it is built apon RxJS, this opens up a whole new way of programming as well, known as Functional Reactive Programming (FRP), a growing trend for those in the know. Cycle.js moving fast, has a vibrant community and will play a leading role at the Reactive 2015 Conference coming up in early November. Here are a couple links that may interest you: http://cycle.js.org https://twitter.com/reactiveIntent * The reactiveIntent Twitter site has a list of relevant tweets about Cycle.js and FRP. Enjoy!
  4. What a remarkable concurrence of events, I was searching for my JavaScript framework of choice (cycle.js.org) and came here, due to the name "Cycle". I certainly think that GASP is the most robust animation platform and myself as well as others would be most happy to see how it works with Cycle.js. It would be great if some one here might have a look at Cycle.js, maybe put a bit of a demo together or a Cycle.js driver, to bring two innovative and wonderful plafforms together. Cycle.js is the thought leader in the Reactive Programming paradigm arising across the globe, lets get that animated!