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  1. I saw this paneling demo from somebody and for an upcoming project I would like to use this.

    The demo I saw can be found here: 

    See the Pen enxAp by grayghostvisuals (@grayghostvisuals) on CodePen


    I was wondering if it is possible to make an anchor navigation to each one of the panels. I tried it fast but it seems that the offset gets broken from bringing each element to a 'top: 0%;'.

    Is there any way to achieve this some other way?


    Feel free to share your thoughts or ideas.

  2. Hello


    I just started out with GreenSock for a one page scroll site, and I have to say, i love it! 

    I'm having a little trouble with something though.


    I'm trying to make a cinema light, or searchlight if that's a better term. The spotlight has to move around with the mouse and the gradient should stretch/rotate and follow it.


    I think this demo will make things more clear:

    See the Pen shrDl by sugomi (@sugomi) on CodePen


    anyone can help me with this?

    Thx in advance