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  1. Hi Diaco Thanks a lot. That´s great. After frustrating hours I´m really happy. Best regards Manfred
  2. Hi Diaco, thanks for Your advice. My problem: one value = image keeps ratio (window resize); two values and the ratio will be deformed. Is there another way? Best regards Manfred
  3. Hi, can´t handle size from 220% to 100% - see Codepen. Best regards Manfred
  4. Hi Diaco Thanks for your comment. Sure, the animation is fine pending on window width. My question: How optimize the duration? Slower at smaller window size - faster at wider ones.
  5. Hi, I´m still very happy to tween a little. This extreme panorama motif is animated perfectly using background-image and GASP. Please have a look at the exsisting project: http://www.privatstrasse-hamburg.de Pending on the relative width the animation should have a proper fitting "speed". I benefit from several postings of this forum - thanks to all - and came to this way: http://codepen.io/mikeK/pen/jEERNg Is that a proper solution? Best regards Manfred
  6. Hi Jonathan, Thanks for your support. I´m not a coder, but fascinated by Greensock. So lets start again. Two codepens are prepared and demonstrating my problem. The objectives: several image sliders, different image sizes, fading, captions, 'dots' for orientation/goto, prev/next buttons. Test one: http://codepen.io/mikeK/pen/glwfr nice slider, proper / fast reaction of prev/next and dots,. But I can´t integrate a second slider in these complex thread. Test two: http://codepen.io/mikeK/pen/vcfdj very cool thread to animate the sliders (based on array + tweening: http://greensock.com/forums/topic/8282-tweenmax-reverse-issue-when-added-to-timelinemax/). It was possible for me to combine two sliders. But I not able to integrate labels for handling the 'buttons'. I would be a great pleasure getting advice which I can understand and execute. Kind regards Manfred
  7. Hi, How can I handle two or more image slider by the same tl construction?
  8. Hi Carl, Thanks a lot. The slider tween is now "repressed". CodePen works: http://codepen.io/mikeK/pen/JFLdi And also my revised web. Following your forked CodePen it was a pleasure to learn and to succed. Only one point: The "navdots" for the slider are active in CodePen, but not on my site. Dom, css, js are 99,9% identical. Do you have a hint? Best regards from Hamburg Manfred
  9. Hi, Thanks for pressure me to excecute a CodePen. It helps to clean "brain" and strukture. I prepared two versions: 1) codepen.io/mikeK/pen/JFLdi includes actual image slider (problem navdots/menudots not active) 2) codepen.io/mikeK/pen/xwdCr includes image slider based on recommended SimpleSlider Main point: My web layout arranges different sections/pages by tweens. Clicking through menu runs proper: Setting all(.ausblende) to autoAlpha:0 works. Except page "Skizzen": an image slider should run endless until you leave this page. How to stop when leaving? Now if you leave and come back the tween seems to run parallel offset (?). Regarding the image slider: If SimpleSlider would pause between fadeIn and fadeOut (better look for different image heights) I would prefer this one. I hope that excise and explantion is helpful to understand. Best regards Mandfred
  10. var skizzen = new TimelineMax(); $(".skizzenButton").on("click", function() { skizzen.to(".ausblenden", 0, {autoAlpha: 0}) .to(fondGrau, 0, {bottom: 30}) .to(z, 1, {autoAlpha: 1}, "+=0.5") .to([vita, arbeiten], 0, {borderTop: "none"}) .to(aktuell, 0, {borderTop: "1px solid #356d33"}) // ImageSlider ==================================================== Hi, Thanks for your recommendation. I tried it: codepen.io/mikeK/pen/qEnKy If I could have delay between fadeIn and fadeOut it looks nice. The Image slider I´m using is based on codepen.io/rich770/pen/AGipB On codepen my test is ok: codepen.io/mikeK/pen/vcfdj But integrated in my web the navdots are not active. The key part is if you leave section SKIZZEN, go to VITA and come back. Then the animation has the problem. How can I integrate that in a codepen? Best regards Manfred
  11. Hi, Sorry - please have a look to "Arbeiten" and open "Skizzen", go back to "Skizzen": it seems that 2 tweens are running. The NavDots are the listed squares upon this image slider to nav to a certain Image. Best regards Manfred
  12. Hi Greensock, I´m fascinated of Greensock and tinkering an animated website. As a follower I try copy and paste, combinig this and that. Most of the functions are really fine and I´m happy. The "Skizzen" animation runs well but it has to be stopped or restart when user comes back from another part of this web. Intro animation could be stopped by "kill" (nice word). Please have a look: www.trans-rapido.de/magnus05 Another little problem: NavDots doesn´t work. It would be great if you could give an advice which is traceable for me. Best regards from Hamburg Manfred