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  1. The problem, for those looking here at a later time for solutions, can be partially summarized as follows: Using frameworks: Bootstrap 2.2.2 Bootstrap Responsive JQuery JQuery UI TweenMax ( the full GSAP platform ) The problem: Certain animations hitch badly in IE, specifically IE9. The ones that were worst for me were scaling. The solution: Upgrading to Bootstrap 3.X where possible, removing the Bootstrap framework, or not using any absolutely positioned elements on the page at all. The solution I chose: I chose to remove all absolutely positioned elements. I was unable t
  2. I am in other portions of the code, yes. What I've come to conclude is that the issues are resolved when I remove a portion of the Bootstrap CSS. We're using Bootstrap 2.2.2 with the Responsive plugin -- that plugin is now built into Bootstrap in newer versions. Unfortunately, the newest versions of Bootstrap won't implement with any backwards compatibility, so it's not possible for us to move ahead in versions at this point. Any assistance going forward would be suggestions for what Bootstrap might be doing that could affect the performance of a scale operation in IE or any methods for t
  3. Jonathan, The code pen I have created works fine in IE9 on the VM. Changes here were unnecessary: the code pen does not replicate the issue, unfortunately. Application of force3D doesn't seem to have an effect on the live file. I've spent some time reading a few articles here and blogs regarding performance using alternate threads or by using additional composite layers, but this doesn't seem to solve this particular problem. I fear it's something else interfering with the animation cycle, but I can't think of what it might be. Using y or x instead of top or bottom creates a massiv
  4. Thanks Jonathan, The code I'm working on is an animation sample. I'm attempting to find out what works best or at all for IE9 since that is our production environment as it stands. Other production environments will be used including mobiles, but the IE9 environment is the primary. Here's a small bit of what I have: http://codepen.io/DotFreelance/pen/nwjeD The testing environment is a virtual machine ( VBox ) of Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 with IE9 and has been given access to two logical CPUs, 2GB of RAM, 256MB VRAM and 2D/3D acceleration. The host is a maxed 27" mid-2011 iMac.
  5. I've looked around this website and the internet at large for a little help, but I'm not sure I'm even searching for the correct thing. The problem I'm having is that the scale attribute, as it's applied inside a TweenMax.to( ), seems to stutter to the point of essentially skipping the animation to the final frame in IE9. Unfortunately the deployment environment I'm working with is Windows 7 with IE9 strictly, so my options are limited. I believe GSAP works fine in IE9 -- all of the animations work pretty much as expected on this website's showcase animations. Here's how I have my setup: