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  1. Hi!


    I don't know whether these are bugs or not, (or i just didn't get the concept of the BezierPlugin properly)

    As you see on the pen, if in the properties object i add props like (x, top, rotationXYZ) after the bezier: {'x', 'top', autoRotation: true}, those will be ignored.  
    But if i switch them, the BezierPlugin will be ignore the properties which are defined before the bezier: {}.


    Ok, it's probably the correct behavior but it would be cool to be able to combine these values like x and xPercent:)



    But as you see on the third example of the pen, the rotation parameter will be ignored even if bezier: {autoRotation: false} as long as the bezier: {...} defined first. So this can be also solved by switching them but i like to be sure that i using these things properly.


    See the Pen dPoWNr by azazdeaz (@azazdeaz) on CodePen

  2. Hi! I've ran into this.

    < var div = document.createElement('div');
    < TweenMax.set(div, {backgroundSize: 'cover'});
    < console.log(div.style.backgroundSize);
    > "50% 0px"

    It's should be "cover", isn't it?