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    I understood the question a bit differently - I think he was asking if, when dragging an element's x/y (NOT scrolling), and he reaches the edge of a scrollable container, if it'd automatically scroll for him. The answer is "no". Sorry, there is no such feature in Draggable. It'd be a bit tricky because it'd have to be able to sense any and all nested containers and try to figure out which one should scroll if there are more than one. 



    Yes. You understood me correctly. Thanks for the reply. I wills stick to my onDrag handler then.

  2. Is there a built in option to auto-scroll the container of a draggable element when the draggable is moved beyond the container?


    I am currently hooking up to the onDrag event and doing thing based on Y pointer. I kinda get the result I want. But still curious if there was a default option provided or anyone else has done it better.