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  1. Klas

    Tweening timeline

    Thanks guys, really appreciate it. Did what you suggested and just tested it on a low-end Lumia phone and performance is amazing, especially considering how much stuff I'm moving around and the size of the elements involved.
  2. Klas

    Tweening timeline

    Hello again, I was using the tweenTo function of TimelineMax to scrub the playhead, but realised it's the only TimelineMax-exclusive function I'm using, so to save some load overhead I thought I could just use TimelineLite and manually tween the progress using a TweenLite instance like this: var progress = { value: master_tl.time() / master_tl.duration() }; TweenLite.to(progress, 1.5, {value: labels[slideIndex].time/master_tl.duration(), ease: Strong.ease, onUpdate: function() { master_tl.progress(progress.value); } }); From my performance tests using Chrome dev tools there'
  3. Klas

    TweenMax updateTo

    Thanks for the very thorough reply, very useful information. I ended up just killing and re-creating all the tweens whenever the window is resized and then just resuming the timeline progress.
  4. Klas

    TweenMax updateTo

    Hi, First off, thanks for a great library. I've been trying to change a tween on the fly, specifically the x value for a DOM element. For some reason the updateTo method doesn't seem to work. Maybe because x is converted to a css value it is considered a plugin-value when used on dom elements? I've created this pen to illustrate the issue: http://codepen.io/klas/pen/eduhJ If you click the {x: 10} button before you play the animation the tween updates as expected. Any subsequent calls to updateTo after the animation has been played or scrubbed does nothing. The js docs sugge