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  1. @ZachSaucier Many thanks I can see where I was going wrong, and thanks for the article link, very insightful
  2. Hello all 😊 I have been trying to learn the new GSAP 3 and I am not sure how to tween the progress of a timeline correctly. What I have done is created a timeline that plays a simple animation but in time this will be replaced by a more complex one. In my example I have created a drop-down menu with various cities to select and I am wanting to control the progress of the animation based on this selection. As you can see I am able to change the progress value for my tween, but I am getting unexpected results, as an example I go from 'please choose one' to 'London' in the expected manner but from 'london' to 'please choose one' behaviors in an unexpected manner. I assume that i am just approach this wrong so I was wondering what is the best way to achieve smooth and even transitions between all the values of the select menu. many thanks.
  3. Hi @GreenSock many many thanks, yes it makes complete sense to me Thanks Bromel
  4. hi guys I keep getting this warning in my console in regards to this piece of code .to(verifier.dom.container.find('#left-eye'), 3.32, {morphSVG:'#left-wink', type:'rotational', origin:'0% 50%', ease: Power2.easeIn}, 'time+=17.4') now i am not quite sure why, have i done something wrong? many thanks bromel
  5. Hi @OSUblake I stumbled across a video by Chris Gannon which shows a method of creating a 3d effect in SVG and I came up with the below which was the effect that i was trying to create initially. https://codepen.io/w9914420/pen/oNNNoVw Just thought I would share for anyone else interested ?
  6. Hi @OSUblake many thanks for the heads up regards Bromel
  7. Hi all, I am just experimenting with 3d transforms on SVG elements, i have done a simple pen and been looking into Intro to CSS 3D for some ideas on how to implement. I have done a simple pen and tried to implement it without success. I have seen many examples with html and css and was wondering if the principle is the same in implementing to work. Any help/resources/examples would be greatly appreciated. many thanks bromel
  8. Hi @ZachSaucier Your solution is very very clever ? many thanks.
  9. I have also tried using the .set method to see if it gets repeated and it does not seem to work, it looks like it gets overridden on the repeat cycle. https://codepen.io/w9914420/pen/QWWLopJ?editors=1010
  10. Hi @ZachSaucier I actually tried something similar to your example, but has you will notice that the timeline will repeat once all the items have completed their staggers, where as in my example I want to create a continuous effect which looks seamless whilst at the same time have the ability to change the line color when it reaches a certain point(time).
  11. Hi @ZachSaucier The reason being is because I am using this timeline within another timeline and I notice that the behavior was slightly different due to the way that I set up my animation. but i will look at the other suggestions that you recommended Many thanks
  12. Hi all I have created a timeline that repeats a few times but I am wanting to change the colour of each line element when they approach the blue filled window, now this works on the first instance, but has soon has this repeats it starts getting messy. So I wonder is there a way of doing this within the timeline that I have constructed. Many thanks Bromel
  13. @PointC & @mikel Many thanks for this, I never knew you could do all this cool stuff Bromel
  14. Hi @PointC My very last question on this matter - since we are now using a method to restart our timeline and by using the oncomplete call we can infinitely repeat our timeline, therefore is it possible to have a method of stating the number of restarts. I ask because in the project that I am working on we do not want to have this effect running in the back lets say after 7 secs or in our case after 7 repeats, we want our performance to be as efficient as possible and therefore want to stop the tween after this period. Many thanks again Bromel
  15. Many thanks @PointC I forked an old codepen, So that is why I think there is an old version of Gsap regards bromel