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  1. Hello,


    I'm trying to scale a div containing an image. The animation is alright and does what I want, but I have a strange blur during the zoom, and after the animation is complete, the image is focused again.


    I've linked my codepen, I don't know where it comes from, and I try some fixes, but none of them works.


    Thanks for help,


    See the Pen xOROEO by Art2B (@Art2B) on CodePen

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  2. Hi everyone !

    I got a problem with Firefox. I'm trying to scale dot with transformOrigin set as "center", like in the code below:

    TweenMax.to(flux, 0.15, {scale: "1", transformOrigin:"center", delay: delayFlux});

    In Chrome, I don't get any problem, the dot scale up properly (first gif). But in Firefox, the dot does something weird like in the second gif.


    I've tried with transformOrigin: "50%" or "50% 50%" without success.


    Do you have any idea about that problem ?