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  1. Hello, Thank you, user GreenSock!!!
  2. Hello, I think I've found an other way by looking into the source: tree.add(TweenMax.to(function(){},0,{onComplete:function(){$('#map-container').addClass('show-one').removeClass('show-two').removeClass('show-tree').removeClass('show-four');}, onReverseComplete:function(){$('#map-container').removeClass('show-one');}, immediateRender:false})); Now, reversing is possible, but it pauses the animation. Another information, that is maybe helpfull for helping: I'm also using Tweendeck Thanks for helping in advance.
  3. Hello, THANKS for answering! And how to define another callback on reversing the animation? I also found out, that this didn't work when the timeline is played multiple times. Another time thanks in advance: Thomas131
  4. Hello, I want to add a class to an object on a specific position in the timeline. tree.add($('#map-container').toggleClass('show-map'),3); didn't work. (tree is a timeline) How can I make something like this? Thanks in advance: Thomas131
  5. Hello, Thanks for answering. I tried this already, but I did a mistake. So it didn't work and I gave up. Then I started to do everything from scratch. Then I saw my mistake. Tweendeck is quiet simple. A timeline for every slide. Also a timeline, where all timelines are added by full_timeline.add(timeline_part); At the end var anyname = $.tweendeck(full_timeline); Thomas131
  6. Hello, Is somewhere a more minimal example of tweendeck aviable than this one? Thomas131