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  1. OK, I understand. We appreciate it for what you have done!
  2. Thanks a lot Jack! I am really not aware that VideoLoader is only for progressively downloaded videos! Create the NetStream manually and then feed it to the VideoLoader through the vars object (it recognizes a "netStream" property) like: var loader:VideoLoader = new VideoLoader("flv:Y/sample", {netStream:myNetStream}); The above code worked, so I thought VideoLoader support Flash Media Server streaming videos. I know it's not that easy, but do you have any plan on implementing greensock to work with Flash Media Server streaming videos wonderfully? By now, I'll get back to working with NetStream to play videos streaming from FMS. Thank you again for your GreenSock, it is really amazing!
  3. Thank you in advance for reading. In my Player, I preLoad videos with two VideoLoader circularly from Flash Media Server. Init code as: videoLoader = new VideoLoader("flv:Y/sample", { autoPlay:true, x:150,y:200,netStream:_ns,container:this,width:200,height:150} ); videoLoader1 = new VideoLoader("flv:Y/bikes", { autoPlay:false, netStream:_ns1,container:this,width:200,height:150} ); The first loader loads a video with autoPlay=true,the second loader loads another video with autoPlay=false. When the first loader play complete, I call the second loader playVideo(). Meanwhile, let the first loader do the followings: videoLoader.unload(); videoLoader.vars.autoPlay = false; videoLoader.url = "mp4:Y/mp4.mp4"; videoLoader.load(); But two problems bother me a lot: 1.After one play circulation, the loaders return videoTime always 0. Do i have to create a new NetStream and pass it to the loader everytime? 2.Playing a .flv video preloaded would only see first few frames ,and then quickly to the end. Playing a .mp4 video preloaded was normal. I debugged into the VideoLoader's source code, _forceTime was 0. The comment says waitForRender,but how can I let the NetStream dispatch RENDER Event? Plz help!