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  1. Hi all. I´m need to implement a infinite slider and I don´t have any ideias on how do archive that. I need that every stagger step makes the previous image to be hidden, and after all images have been shown, the animation start smoothly again at the first image. Any touhgts on that?
  2. Hi there. I´ve been trying to make a responsive spritesheet animation using greensock, and got stucked in that point: How can I recreate my animation while resizing the window? I´ve made all the calculations, but my timeline seems not to get updated.
  3. Thanks a lot. Really helped me out. ?
  4. Yes, that's the expected result, but the whole problem is that I have a sequence of 11 strokes likes those ones, and they must grow one after another. I was trying to figure out the reason why some of the strokes grow clockwise and anothers grow counter-clockwise, so I could use the same tween for all of them. Any idea? Could it be something that I did wrong in Illustrator?
  5. Hi there! I´m trying to do something with the drawSVG Plugin, and I can't figure it out where I´m doing wrong. I need both strokes to grow from 0 to 100%, clockwise. Could it be something missing in the SVG?
  6. Thank you so much, Mikel. You were live saving.
  7. Hi. First of all, I'd like to say I'm sorry cause I'm really new in tweening. I've made an example of what I'm trying to do. I need to animate that circle making each stroke to go from 0 to 100, one after other, clockwise. Each one will have a different color. The way I tryied, It did't work at all. The stroke animate, and then back to point zero. I need something more like animating fill.
  8. Hello. Is there a way to animate offset position? I'm trying to drop an element smoothly, using Jquery UI draggable and droppable, but I can't use left and top position as references. I really need to animate the offset position and an element is dropped. Any help?