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  1. Ah, thank you! That's exactly what I ended up doing. I wrapped the object into 2 containers that represent each axis, x and y. Thank you for the great explanation and help. I'm looking forward to use GSAP a lot more in the future I'll make sure to share what I'm working on once it's done! BTW, it would be extra cool feature if you could specify a vector to rotate around Thanks again!
  2. Hey, I have one quick question to ask. I've already rotated my 3D object with rotateX so that it's a bit angled up. Next I want to rotate around my 3D object on the Y axis, so I use rotateY, but the problem is that it's already affected by rotateX that I set previously, so it rotates around the Y axis of the 3D object it self. Is it possible to use rotateY by specifying an UP vector it should rotate around? Thanks!