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  1. It's not Canary but dev channel. Canary is released daily and untested, while dev channel is released (bi)weekly and roughly tested Still subject to bugs now and then but does have some nice new features.
  2. Hi @Jonathan, My local version of Chrome is 41.0.2236.0 dev-m (64-bit), running Windows 8.1. Though it's all the same on any other platform and browser I've tested. No worries @GreenSock, I imagine you guys are busy too and it's just a bummer we noticed this so close to our release. I should have some time on my hands later this week and will keep you posted on any progress towards solving the issue.
  3. Changed permissions of the link above so anyone can view
  4. Hi Carl, Thanks for the quick response. I realize it's a quite specific interaction, but in our case, with multiple people interacting with the touch-table, there's quite a risk of this happening. Since we're working towards a deadline this week, we really need to get this sorted. We're using Draggable and ThrowProps throughout the application and removing them at this point is not really an option. I've also been doing some debugging and apparently the problem exists because all the touch-listeners are removed on release of the second finger: https://drive.google.com/a/ran
  5. We're encountering an issue using Draggable on a multitouch table (WIndows 8 + Chrome), but it also seems to happen on Android Lollipop, so it's probably a general issue. When dragging an item and you use another finger to tap shortly on the same item, it will be suspended in place, not firing the proper events for ending a drag (onDragEnd, onRelease). Snapping and throwprops will also not work. The issue is easy to reproduce using the sample on https://greensock.com/draggable. Enable the checkbox for "snap end position to grid". Start dragging one of the squares and then shortly tap