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  1. Finally, I found what the problem was. It didn't have anything to do with GreenSock at all, but the SVGs and the way different browsers render these elements. In some of them, I was missing part of code that comes by default with the SVGs, and while it was fine in Chrome, Firefox and Safari wouldn't render the SVG properly. Here is the final piece: http://jsbin.com/xapiguxo/14 I added a few control buttons to play and stop the animation at any time. Thank you for your time!
  2. Hi! Thank you for the quick responses. I've been finally able to fix some of the problems by animating only the opacity property, instead of scaleX, scaleY and x,y coordinates. Before doing so, I tried to wrap those svgs in div elements. While the issue was solved in Firefox, it caused the svgs elements to be misplaced in Chrome. Please, look at attached images. SVGs in Chrome look great. SVGs in Firefox are misplaced. Another problem I'm having is that some SVGs don't show up in Safari. Still working on those. Safari. Chrome and Firefox. Safari. Chrome and Firefox. As you can see, some of these issues are pretty subtle, but we have to make sure that these banners look as close as possible across different browsers. Our goal is to switch form Flash to HTML and JS in order to be compatible with all mobile devices. Thank you!
  3. Hi, I've just stared working with GS in Javascript and so far love the ease of use and its flexibility. However, after testing my animations in different browsers, I've been encountering problems with certain parts. Everything was working great in Chrome, but Safari and Firefox seems to render things differently, such as elements that are misplaced in Firefox, or some that don't even show up in Safari. Any idea what can be causing these compatibility issues? Please, check the link below: http://jsbin.com/ferin/19/edit Thank you