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  1. AdObeOne's post in Responsive scaling not working on mobile was marked as the answer   
    Hello OSUblake,
    The console indicates two non relevant errors. A favicon.ico that is not found, but that is displayed anyway. And an include of a css file that is no longer used.
    So no error messages regarding the use of the animations that are not correctly displayed within iframes on the mobile webkit browsers.
    Kind regards,
  2. AdObeOne's post in Smooth tween transitions in combination with transformOrigin was marked as the answer   
    @Jonathan: Strange. It worked just fine. But now it doesn't anymore. Not even in CodePen
    @PointC: Thanks for your scarce time and the side by side pen. Very handy to see the differences. That sure helps
    @Acccent: Thank you for the extensive explanation and the second attempt.
    I hope you not only helped me, but others as well.
  3. AdObeOne's post in Animate array of paths was marked as the answer   
    Hello PointC and Carl. Thank you both for your reply.
    To my great astonishment the code worked when I opened the file today. When I closed the files the last time it did not work. I tried using a class and using an ID for the path, but both did not work. And now, without changing a single character it works.
    There's something fishy with DreamWeaver CC. It still complains that Greensock commands in a included javascript file are undefined. Although the code works just fine. Also I noticed that it temporally indicates that files are included of which the names are part of the names that really are included. When I close the html file and reopen it those erroneous files are no longer indicated as being included. Very strange. Time for an update by Adobe. But I guess they're to busy now fixing other products with the big El Capitan problem.
  4. AdObeOne's post in GreenSock commands in external js file are undefined was marked as the answer   
    Hello Jack. Thanks again for your help. It works. Strange that my website (www.pixelray.nl) works just fine where I include the javascript in the head like in the example code. That javascript controls the media queries and the animated menu and it works just fine.
    I would not expect the place of including the javascript to be the problem for the GreenSock code. DreamWeaver still complains that the GreenSock code in the javascript file of this example is undefined even when it is included just before the end of the body tag. But I'll just ignore that
    I sure am glad that GreenSock exists. It makes my work much more easy and much more fun. Thank you.