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  1. I hope this isn't against the rules (if it is I'll delete the post) but it doesn't sound like there are any timelines out there. Would anyone on this board be up for building it? Of course, this would be a paid gig. If interested please send me a message. 

  2. Hi there, newbie here. I'm building an application that will enable end users to create short animated videos. We're leveraging greensock and KineticJS for the tweens and animations. As a part of the application UI we plan to add a "timeline" so that the user can change when and how long a given animation appears on screen. We found this timeline that we may be able to leverage https://github.com/redexp/timeline but haven't been able to find much else. We'd like to avoid building a custom solution unless we absolutely have to. Has anyone here built something similar or come across any JS "timelines" like this? Any suggestions/ideas would be appreciated.  


    Thanks in advance!