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  1. 1st of all I am sorry because I am not able to put my question clearly as I am new to use Greensock, below is my code snippet. I hope it will give some more clarity. HTML: <div id="mainContainer"> <div id="imageContainer"> </div> </div> JS: var queue = new createjs.LoadQueue(false); var image = new Array(); var t1; queue.on("fileload", handleFileLoad, this); queue.on("complete", handleComplete, this); $(window).on('load', function() { queue.loadManifest( [{id:"image1", src:"assets/image1.png"}, {id:"image2", src:"assets/image2.png"}, {id:"image3", src:"assets/image3.png"}] ); // here i am giving N no of images for preloading, for now given only 3 images tl = new TimelineMax({repeat:-1}); $("#mainContainer").find("#imageContainer").hide(); queue.load(); }); function handleFileLoad(event) { var item = event.item; // A reference to the item that was passed in to the LoadQueue var type = item.type; // Add images to the div. if (type == createjs.LoadQueue.IMAGE) { image.push(event.result)// array of images if required in future $("#mainContainer").find("#imageContainer").append(event.result);// here i am creating vertical filmstip which i want to use to get animation effect tl.add(TweenMax.to($("#mainContainer").find("#imageContainer"), 1, {y:200}));//here i want to create vertical tween so that i can achieve animation } } function handleComplete() { alert("LOADING COMPLETE") $("#mainContainer").find("#imageContainer").show(); // here loading is complete and want to start playing animation }
  2. Hi rhernando I have array of images and I want to play an animation using these images. This can be achieved by adding all those images in the div either horizontally or vertically and apply tween to change position so that we can get animation like effect or stack them all in single div and control its visibility. I just want to know how to achieve the same using Greensock
  3. Hi all I have loaded image sequence using preloadJS and stored it in an array and now I want to run an animation using TweenMax and TimelineMax in a particular DIV. I am not getting how to apply tween to the DIV using these available images. I also expect that I can able to control the animation later on by using slider, using play pause buttons or some other external events if required in future.