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  1. Hi, I’ve finished the rubiks cube now and added some instructions, counter and a "solver" button that appears after the user has done >10 moves, so the cube auto solves itself. I didn't manage to get it fixed for IE, I just couldn't seem to get it working correctly. The FF 3D back-face display issues is also a problem, and I‘ve found another bug in Firefox (v30 Mac and PC) that doesn't seem to allow 3D content to be loaded via an iframe whose properties also contain a 3D transform setting - anyone come across a similar problem?? The cube can be view on its own as before: http://www.rogueinteractive.net/rogueiOS/rubix.html and the Cube embedded into our site’s OS can be viewed here and access from bottom nav icon: http://www.rogueinteractive.net/rogueOS/ I’m a bit rubbish at Rubik’s cubes, thats why I needed to create a solver!
  2. Thank you very much Carl, most appreciated. Take a look at a few other things I‘ve recently done utilising the Greensock platform On your desktop : http://www.rogueinteractive.net/rogueOS On your mobile : http://www.rogueinteractive.net/rogueiOS (iPhone best) and another demo we made testing the draggable and throwProps plugins: http://www.rogueinteractive.net/skysports (on your mobile - iPhone best again) any feedback, suggestions etc appreciated. Pete
  3. Im on OSX using FF v30. I‘ve added it in the inspector manually also but it changes nothing .cube span {-moz-backface-visibility:hidden !important; backface-visibility:hidden !important;} Cheers
  4. Hi Jonathan, I tried the Firefox fixes you suggested prior to the post, as well as implementing again in case I missed something previously, but alas the problem is still there. I will re-write the code for IE10/11 as you described to hopefully get this working in IE also. Cheers for you help!
  5. Thanks Jamie, I must have missed that when researching the problem. It will take some re-engineering to apply the parent transforms to each child individually alas, maybe I will skip IE10 for now. The Firefox issue is both Mac and PC, both browsers are not rendering it correctly... if you have any words of wisdom here, also greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking anyway, at least it works ok in Chrome and Safari for now!
  6. Hi, I’ve spent the last day building a working rubix cube demo using TweenMax to position and animate the objects accordingly. Draggable is being used to rotate the cube X/Y and throwProps is used too. Firefox is displaying some very odd, back-face type display issues that I can't seem to resolve, can anybody suggest a work-around or fix to correct this problem? IE10 is simply flattening the whole object onto a 2D plane and not allowing any z-depth. The demo will auto rotate 20 times before allowing user interaction by "swiping" a side to rotate it, or dragging the background to rotate in the cube in 3D space. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. View the demo here: http://www.rogueinteractive.net/rogueiOS/rubix.html Pete