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  1. Thanks for the assist. I was close, I was using: x:spawnPoint_Array[randomize], y:spawnPoint_Array[randomize] instead of: x.spawnPoint_Array[randomize].x, y:spawnPoint_Array[randomize].y all I needed was the .y and .x on the end of the random call, Wow, I feel foolish. Thanks for the answer. YOU GUYS AT GREENSOCK ARE THE BEST, LOVE YOUR WORK. "YOUR THE BEST AROUND, NO ONE'S GONNA EVER KEEP YA DOWN!"
  2. y:spawnPoint_Array[random].y} y:spawnPoint_Array[random].y}
  3. I'm trying to create a system of spawns for an as3 game. The goal is to have my enemy tweens spawn from one of the 4 different spawn points defined in the array of new Points, randomly. I've successful debugged my process so far, as the code at the very bottom illustrates. However, the problem comes when I attempt to enter my random spawn call into the starting point of the greensock tween. The code below shows if the random spawn call starts at the x value, that is to say: {startAt:{x:myArray[random]}, the problem here is that when myArray[random] is called in that manner it's goin