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  1. Thanks that helped a lot! It solved it for my code sample in Firefox and Chrome. However it only solved it for my actual site in Chrome but not Firefox. I will have to see what other styles I have that could be causing a conflict. Thanks!
  2. I have a site that lets users drag through a series of pages horizontally. When they reach the end of a series of pages and they drag the container, the edge-resistance kicks in. As they continue to drag against the resistance, the container still moves to the left revealing the background behind. This is how the site is supposed to work. This is how it used to work a few months ago. Now what I see is different. When I drag past the right edge, I can see that the scrollbar is "stretching" indicating the edge-resistance is working. However, the container does not move past the edge.
  3. If I set the attribute either way it doesn't seem to make a difference. In fact, the video is clickable no matter which I put. My understanding is that setting data-clickable to "true" tells Draggable to allow this otherwise non-clickable element to be clickable and disregard the dragging. Is that right? As an aside, I had to set a different clickable <div> as data-clickable = "true" in order for it to be clickable inside the drag container. This made it so you couldn't drag on the div (same as the video), but at least you could click on it. This isn't a huge problem because the
  4. Hi, I am building a page that builds multiple 'scenes' horizontally in the content area. Only one scene is visible in the area at a time. Users can drag the scene container to get to other scenes. I've done this using Draggable. For the most part, it has worked great. However, some scenes have a large video in them. When running on the iPad (chrome and safari), if the user touches the video and attempts to drag the container in order to move to the next scene, it does not drag. I've tried adding data-clickable="false" to the video tag but it still doesn't work. This all works on th