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  1. Aye I agree Thank you very much for the quick replies.
  2. Setting lockAxis to false or removing it does not fix it the issue. I made a code pen and you can replicate the issue on chrome ios (ipad) simulator and the device it self. Have a looky Start by dragging vertically first then move horizontally and you can see the onDragUpdate is being called but the draggable element is not moving. http://codepen.io/ecsancho/pen/reQgWJ
  3. Hello I've stumble across an issue with draggable on IOS. I have set up my draggable element 'thumb' for horizontal axis. Here's my code Draggable.create( thumb, {type:"left", edgeResistance:1.0, throwProps:false, lockAxis:'left', bounds:{ left:0, width:800} , onDrag:onDragUpdate , onRelease:onDragUp, onPress:onDragPress}); If I start dragging in horizontal axis first the thumb.css('left') updates as intended. But I notice that if I start the dragging vertically (like by accident) first then horizontal the thumb.css('left') will not update thus looking broken. I'm hoping there's a setting I'm missing. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. You have enlightened me again sir thank you. I was toiling with the idea of calculating percent in animation completion with the length of the path to get the amount of distance cleared.
  5. Greetings I'm tweening a path with drawSVG abosolute values and I would like to get the current absolute length values during onUpdate event. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have an idea on a method to do it with motionPath and calculating how many pixels have cleared but I was hoping someone had a simpler solution. Thanks in advance
  6. Greetings I'm having a hard time syncing animation with my svg stroke path and a div object that's using the same path data to animate on. It appears the motionPath xy values are tweening much faster than what values are interpolating with drawSVG. I added a codepen to show what's going on. Any ideas? Thanks *NOTE: Don't mind the first second, the animation doesn't work if I set the tween time to 0 for the box so I set the time to 0.1; http://codepen.io/ecsancho/pen/jqapdJ
  7. I believe it has to do with my account settings because it will not let me download any of the bonus content.
  8. Greetings I have Bussiness memebership and trying to download ThrowProp pluggin but on the demo page download button doesn't offer it on the list. In my code I'm currently using Draggable.create(thumb, { type:"x", bounds: bar, throwProps:true, onClick:function() { console.log("clicked"); }, onDragEnd:function() { console.log("drag ended"); } }); Only the dragging works but the throwProps is not. Any idea of what I'm doing wrong? Thanks #Nevermind I figured it out, sorry for such a newb question