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  1. Thnx! That works. I'm gonna look into the 'call' method. The way with the sequences comes from a long history of making these banners. Would we have the time to set them all up again from start we would definitely would change that
  2. How can I remove or reset transformAroundPoint effect. I have a mc that get's animated using transformAroundPoint. That all works fine. But I need to be able to replay the flash ad. Somehow it looks like the centerpoint from where transformAroundPoint is animating is changed function heliMove2 () { apache.scaleX *= -1; var timelineHeli2:TimelineLite = new TimelineLite(); timelineHeli2.append(TweenLite.to(apache, 2, {x:-20, y:50, ease:Expo.easeInOut, transformAroundPoint:{point:new Point(200, 200), rotation:170}} ) ); timelineHeli2.append(TweenLite.to(apache, 4, {x:500, y:160, ease:Expo.easeInOut, transformAroundPoint:{point:new Point(200, 200), rotation:185}} ) ); } I'm pretty sure it has to do whit the scaleX (flip horizontal), but can't seem to solve it