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  1. @PointC thanks man, it works now! so cool. Just one question more: Now when I scroll its jumping more than one slide at a time, depending how "much" I scroll my wheel. That behavior is also in your example. Is there a way to tell the slider to stick only to one slide at a time for each scroll? https://antoni.de/ has this. I wanna achieve something in the direction like they have. Without the mask effect.
  2. @PointC thank you very much for your demo. What exactly is this line here doing? tl.to("#targets", 0.4, { x: -120 * activeSlide }); Especially the -120. yre this px? And what if I use vw and vh for my widths and heights? I dont have the scale effect anymore in my slider. So actually the scroll wheel should slide to the next one, but when I just take this line above its still not working.
  3. @PointC I have the code I used from a tutorial, so I don't really know which parts you exactly mean. Could you maybe point out more specific which code you mean? Thank you very much for your help. Its very appreciated!
  4. @PointC Would you know where do build in this code in my example here? https://codepen.io/cedi44/pen/GebNVz
  5. @PointC yes, that the slides also respond to the mouse-wheel. Okay cool, but where exactly do you place this code?
  6. Hi guys I saw this demo in the forum lately: https://codepen.io/PointC/pen/YRzRyM I have a draggable horizontal slider in my current project and I would like to make it also scrollable with snapping. Snapping already works. But I have no idea how to make it also scrollable because I am a newbie in JS. Thank you for any help! Best, Cédric
  7. @PointC Awesome, thanks a lot, it worked Now everything is working as it should. So nice, thanks!
  8. @GreenSock Now what if I need the same for another class? When I add another class to it its not working again ? function isClickable(e) { while (e.parentNode) { if (e.classList.contains("play-button, primary-link")) { return true; } e = e.parentNode; } return false; }
  9. @GreenSock Oh, now I reached the CodePen you send and pasted that code from there. And it works, thank you very much!! :)
  10. @GreenSock thank you for your answer and thoughts. I am a newbie in JavaScript, so what exactly do I need to do with that code? I tried to paste it below my other custom code, but it didnt work with the click.
  11. @PointC I tried to grab together only the relevant code. See it here: Plan is that I wanna make the golden play button clickable, but now the dragging gets started when I click on it. but later a video should start in an overlay. Does that maybe help you to figure it out?
  12. Okay I will try to do that when I find time. What I found out is that when I place the play button outside of the slider, its working as it should. So the problem is that it shouldn't be draggable inside its parent element, the slider which is draggable. so the problem is somewhere in its relation.
  13. In your codepen you have another code onto your help class: Add Class(es) to <html> data-clickable="false" Is that maybe related to my problem? cause that I didnt add.
  14. @PointC Unfortunately its pretty hard to get all this Webflow Code into a Codepen Post. No way you can help me with the live website I sent you?