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  1. Yes, that's what I was thinking for my problem of slow changing of image. Thank you again Carl!! I will study all that
  2. Oh, sorry just one more thing: You tell me that I should not try to integrate it in my blog. But the reason I make all these research -except pure fun- is that I'm making a blog which goal is to teach to "other """Blondes""" " how to make and personalize a blog on Blogger... Here's why I have to test it on Blogger.. How can I do, then? Do you think I must create a web site that will help me to learn about gsap and css, javascript html etc? Thx
  3. Hi Carl, Thanks a LOT for your response, tips and interesting links. So I will use those recommendations to learn about gsap first. About my menu > I wanted to get a Gsap code because my result with this code is so slow an unesthetic / and uncompatible with some browsers, and most of all because it tends to become a menu with complex other animations and I wanted to make everything with gsap from the beginning. Could you please tell me what kind of code did I use for my result? Is it Javascript without any sort of library or pluggin? Thanks a lot Trinita Girl
  4. Hi everybody! By advance, please excuse: 1. my english (I'm french, and I don't find any good answers about Gsap on french forums...) 2. my less of knowledge about coding... I know what is Code for.. 2 weeks.. 3. my (a bit) blonde brain.. But I got faith and I'm ready to learn!!! So, here's the situation: My final goal is to make a full personalized menu for my blog, that contains very seamless animations. The first animation (which I'm testing now) is color changing of the buttons' letters. The second one will be the "deployment" of an image that "get out" behind each button an