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  1. I want to use TeenMax.to to move an image from off outside a div to the center of the div, but the div is responsive so I can't use a fixed pixel destination. Do I just calculated width/2 or does greensock have a way to move to center?
  2. Here's my dragdrop code: sym.$('card2').draggable({opacity:.5,revert:'invalid'}); sym.$('droptarget2').droppable({ accept:sym.$("card2"), drop: function() { sym.getSymbol("card2").play(); sym.getSymbol("droptarget2").play(); } } ); I want to have 2 different actions happen depending on the filename. ie. if (droppedfilename=="qs.png") { // accept and fade out } else { // don't accept } How do I detect the filename of the dropped image.