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  1. Thank you! Now things works as it should. Another question. Can I call a function with the timeline? Like at 1.5 s call the function sendStat
  2. I'm setting up a timeline where divs should move around as the timeline plays. The problem have is that timeline actions fires immediately when I define the timeline. See this pen http://codepen.io/anon/pen/fkDBK The z-index should change after some time but it doesn't it changes immediately . If the code look like this it doesn't work: tl.add("lab2", 1); tl.add( TweenMax.to('#d1', 0, {zIndex: 2}), "lab2"); It's not a tween I now, but I want to be able to init divs at certain points in the time line before tweening like setting z-index, top, left etc. But this doesn't work. Any solution to this?