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  1. I am using Draggable and ThrowPropsPlugin. I want to have divs (eventually with images) be both draggable and resizable. I have this working, BUT the user can resize the box horizontally and vertically which will stretch or squish the image. How can I set it up so the box (image) gets resized proportionally, keeping the images aspect ratio? I've attached my html file. Thanks, Caroline gsap_draggable_test1.html
  2. In the demo posted above ( http://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/gnoDc ), what would I change in the JS if I wanted the div.box elements to scroll horizontally instead of vertically?
  3. Yes! That's exactly what I was hoping to achieve. So glad to have found greensock. You are amazing, thank you! I'm not sure where I got that link from, but it was in one of these forum threads.
  4. Hi, I will be creating a mobile project where there would be a dial (think knob) and I want the user to spin the dial – as shown here: http://greensock.com/js/demo/throwprops/ But I need the spinning of the dial to activate another element on the page, such as moving a slider of images like next/prev buttons do. So, as the user spins the dial, an image would move across the page. Once the dial reaches a certain increment another image would move across, etc. Is this possible to do using Draggable plugin? Thanks