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  1. This code successfully brightens, then dims image brightness (via the css filter attribute):

    TweenLite.to($(this).children('img'), 0.1, { css: { '-webkit-filter': 'brightness(1.75)' });
    TweenLite.to($(this).children('img'), 1.5, { css: { '-webkit-filter': 'brightness(1.21)' }, delay: 0.15 });

    However, I'd like to tween the brightness level to get a smooth transition (rather than the current stepped/chunk method that this code produces).


    Is there a GreenSock solution/approach to tweening at this level?



  2. That was a useful exercise jonathan.  Thanks!


    Here's a jsfiddle (jsfiddle.net/cPxqL/) that works!  (btw - codepen.io does not handle this simple code)


    However, this doesn't work within the visual studio asp.net mvc environment.  In that environment, using a lISExpress server, the page loads, the first element shows up fine, but subsequent added elements require two clicks of the "add" button to display. 


    Strange, but at least I have another lead to explore.  I'll report back when I find out.  Or, if you have seen this please let me know what's up!


    Thanks again. 

  3. Hi all,


    I'm a noob here and have really been enjoying creating awesome experiences with GreenSock! 


    However, I'm trying to get past an issue that you might be able to help me with.  After a tween of a container width, I'm trying to add an inline div to the newly created space.


    The new div does not immediately get added to the space.  On the next add action (that creates additional container width), the previously created div appears.


    Am I hooking the wrong method?



    TweenLite.to($('.list-item-container'), 1, {
      width: $('.list-item-container').width() + 253,
      delay: 0.25,
      onComplete: function () {
         var _item = document.createElement('div');