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  1. Hey Jack, The main issue with pulling the content out and re-nesting is one of formatting. While that certainly would be a solution, the fixed elements are part of a larger format that does not lend itself well to simply popping it out of the draggable instance. When I lose the draggable instance and go with a native scroll it is just a matter of adding the correct class at the correct scroll position. I will post up a draggable solution if I work one out. Awesome utility though and I still use it in several locations.
  2. Hey Guys, As always this library is awesomazing. I am working with a draggable instance and I want to set an element inside to fixed. I have no problem adding a class to the container on the appropriate position. The problem is, that fixed element still sits inside the draggable instance due to the relative positioning of it. Any way around this? Thanks!