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  1. thanks guys, that helps will give it a shot this week.
  2. btw it's a 7 second animation that should be used as a TV ad...
  3. does anyone know of a way to convert a gsap js animation to quicktime .mov format, other than recording a screencast? if not, can a screencast produce decent quality, any hints? thanks in advance
  4. Thanks again guys, both tips helped a lot. It's funny, Safari is now even smoother than Firefox. GSAP rocks!
  5. Thanks a lot Jack, will switch to animating transforms too!
  6. Thanks a lot for your quick reply and warm welcome, Rodrigo! I have removed the lines referring to "clink" and added force3D:true to the beer glasses. The latter helps a lot, it looks much smoother in Safari now! You can see the animation well in full screen mode: http://codepen.io/peterhadorn/full/DHBrg. I will try optimizing the PNGs next.
  7. http://codepen.io/peterhadorn/pen/DHBrg We have to use linear easing for the animation of the beer glasses. It runs more or less smooth in IE and Chrome, but it's very choppy in Safari, both on Windows and iOs. Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve this and make it smoother? Thanks a lot