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  1. I have some animation setup for certain elements to move into place (tweenmax.from) when the content appears in the viewport using jquery appear plugin. something like this: $('.fade-from-left').each(function() { $(this).appear(function() { TweenLite.from($(this), 0.5, { x: -50,opacity:0, delay:0.5, ease: "Power1.easeInOut" }); }); }); I am loading my scripts at the bottom (jquery, tweenmax) but what I notice is that the content stays there visible for the user for a moment before it shift place and start the animation fading from left. Is there anyway I can make the content invisible? I tried applying a class with opacity set to 0, but thats hiding the content forever even after the animation. When I move the scripts to the top it behaves as expected. Appreciate any help.