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  1. Hi, I've two problems 1. Why my input checkbox doesn't wroking with custom css styling? 2. Is there a way for adding object(s) for disable dragging ? Maybe usefull will be some propperty Draggable like exclude:["#someel1","#someel2"] Thanks
  2. Good to know that these lines are not equivalent TweenMax.set($("#t2"), { attr:{ x:x , y:y } , rotation:rot , svgOrigin:x+' '+y }); and TweenMax.set($("#t2"), { x:x , y:y , rotation:rot , svgOrigin:x+' '+y }); Thanks Diaco
  3. I want to apply the transformations (with rotation) of text and when he tries to do it single-function TweenMax, looks bad. Only after prior transformation giving the rotation 0 and then the correct angle, everything looks all right Can you explain to me if I do something wrong?
  4. Thank you for the detailed explanation, You are Great team.
  5. In Inkscape I produce very complex svg's. Of course I could correct the code after creation, it is not a problem. I thought that the simpler way is to handle the side plugin. Thank You
  6. Below this situation (right green rect is ok) http://codepen.io/amonk/pen/EKvyeX
  7. I've the <image element inner group id="A" . This group is inner another group id="B" the group "A" has attribute transform . transform="matrix(.997 .0745 -.0745 .997 97 -406)" Draggable FAIL - this code was produced by Inkscape with optimization save option. Now when I want apply draggable to Image element, The group "B" is going far far away tranform matrix x and y about 16300px. When I changed to transform matrix group "A" like showed below ALL is working OK transform="matrix(0.997, 0.0745, -0.0745, 0.997, 97, -406)" Draggable OK Maybe worth to detecting kind matrix deklaration.
  8. Yes, text rotated, BUT the positions x,y are wrong. I tried add transformOrigin:"50% 50%" , looks better but not the same
  9. Hi, I've svg text element with attribute. <text ....... x="200" y="100" transform="rotate(30 200 100)" ...... Everything looks ok until create Draggable. Draggable ignore rotation. Maybe is there simply way to conver to matrix property? Example shows two identical elements. One is Draggable.
  10. More complicated like paths. I'm using it in photoclip
  11. So, I invented some solution, maybe not elegant, but this is enough for me. http://codepen.io/amonk/pen/XbNojw?editors=101
  12. Hello, I'm trying to solve the problem. In this example , when I drag red box on to circle , the image is change in both element (rectangle and circle with photo). Second situation, problem, drag red box on circle , but little bit outer (in bounds circle). The image is change in the circle it should not do this. I know that hitTest gets a bounds of object. Maybe do you have some idea?
  13. Wow, fantastic trick Thank You
  14. Hello, Can you help me resolve problem. The Color has change on each time when I "mousedown" on item. I tried "click" but doesn't dispatch event I wouldl like change color only when "click"
  15. Hi, I try to solve problem with setting up bounds params in Draggable. (SVG element) http://codepen.io/amonk/pen/yydpYd?editors=101 This should work like this. This example has only Scaling http://codepen.io/amonk/pen/DFEkx I tried to manually compute bounds to {minX,maxX,minY,maxY} using _gsTransform and scale, but when i rotate the object something bad work.
  16. Thx Not even thought about that earlier use the "set" - with Draggable Thanks again
  17. Hi, Can you help me solve the problem.
  18. I published a little update http://codepen.io/amonk/pen/dPaxXw Looks.. that is working Ty Diaco
  19. Hello, I'm trying to resolve this problem. I've one "main" draggable element which includes 3 elements. One with litter "M" - using for moving main element, and second with 'gradient' (is draggable too) to change "crop". Last element greenbox is now not usable. I want drag main element only when I use yellow box with "M" But when I drag 'green' element I don't need drag only this element without change position of all object.
  20. Hello, How can I update bounds attribute, without creating new instance? Draggable.create("#elmnt", { edgeResistance:1, force3d:false, bounds:{minX:-200, maxX:0, minY:-200, maxY:0}, throwProps:true, type:"x,y"}); It it would look like this Draggable.update("#elmnt",{ bounds:{minX:-100, maxX:0, minY:-150, maxY:0}});
  21. Rodrigo, Thanks!!! You save my live. onUpdate:function() { Draggable.get("#box2").applyBounds(); }
  22. Hello, I've some little problem. I wrote the code http://codepen.io/amonk/pen/DFEkx How can I update draggable box position after scale?. Maybe it is possible to update when render? Try this steps: 1. press button (+) about 5 times; 2.drag square at (0,0) position; 3 press button (-) I don't want white space,