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  1. That first codepen linked you provided in your last response has the gist of what I need thanks, coupled with the calculation of scroll I think I should be able to get something working.
  2. Hi Carl, Thanks for the reply. I am using SuperScrollorama and I grasp the concept of needing/using a timeline but what I can't get my head around/know how to write the code within TweenMax.fromTo{} is what essentially translates to this: Having an image and or content increase in X,Y scale as you scroll down to give the illusion of the user passing through the content, the next lot of content will fade in appearing small, as the user scrolls it increases until it scales very large and fades out to again give the illusion you are passing through it. That is what I can't get my head around, actually writing the code for that action.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to create a similar website to http://www.nouvelleoctavia.fr whereby as you scroll the content and imagery increase in size, fade in and fade out as if you are passing through it. I'm a newbie to GreenSock and I am having trouble understanding how it works. I'm currently trying to get a simple coloured div rectangle that is in the centre of the screen to increase and "pass through" as I scroll but it is not working. Any help would be most appreciated in getting me started. Thanks