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  1. Hi, I just joined this forum to learn if greensock will work well with Storyline360. I am just learning to use javascript with storyline. If you have any tips or sites that might help me I would really appreciate it. 

    My main question is; are you having any other issues using greensock with storyline? Does it work well with mobile devices, LMS or web applications?


    Thanks for any information,


    1. Math


      GSAP 3.6.1 is default added in Storyline360, so works perfect with it. I suspect Articulate used GSAP to built their own animation tools in Storyline. Limited however. For example... all Storyline default animation uses GSAP eases, but you cannot tweak them as you can in GSAP. And as default the GSAP plugins CSSPlugin and CSSRulePlugin are available too, im quite sure the default Storyline animation is built upon GSAP.  Do check my Elearning Heroes profile for more about GSAP and Storyline.

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