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  1. okay.. thanks for ur reply.. now i'll try with FlexTransformManager..
  2. here i attached mxml file with my code using transform manager
  3. i'm using single transform manager with multiple image bt when i'm doing crop another image is overlapping on selected image..
  4. private function init():void { //rect for bounding image within canvas _rect=new Rectangle(0,0,canvas.width,canvas.height); _manager.bounds=_rect; _fCrop = new FlexCrop(_imgC,_manager); _fCrop.configureCropMode(false,.5,0xAACCBB,true); _fCrop.addEventListener("enterCropMode",sCrop); } private function sCrop(e:Event):void { //_rect=_manager.getSelectionBounds(); //_rect for bounding crop within image component _rect=new Rectangle(_imgC.x,_imgC.y,_imgC.width*_imgC.scaleY,_imgC.height*_imgC.scaleY); _manager.lockRotation=true;//lock rotation of crop _manager.bounds=_rect; } before rotation its working well crop is bounded with in image After rotation img1 After rotation img2
  5. hello, I'm trying to bound crop with image component but when i rotate image then perform crop image is shrinking and out of Transform Manager... if u have any suggestion for this then plz let me know.,.. Thank u http://i.picresize.com/kPR