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  1. GSAP is being blocked from downloading for me because you're referring to a GSAP file on an ad network and I have adblocker enabled.
  2. @elegantseagulls didn't your agency do a site for a bike like this? Or was it @Rodrigo?
  3. I think you'd only need to animate flex-grow. How about you put together a minimal demo, give it a try, and post again if you get stuck?
  4. Hey Jloafs. This seems like a job for flexbox. See this post for more:
  5. Hey AwSick and welcome to the GreenSock forums. Which delay are you trying to reduce? I'm guessing the big change in scale at the end of your timeline? You're using a set numerical value as the position parameter, which put the tween at the given second in time of the timeline. It's useful in some circumstances but usually other methods of positioning using the position parameter are more help, especially ones that let you position tweens relative to other tweens in the timeline. I strongly recommend going through the position parameter post. I also suggest going through the most common GSAP mistakes as you're making a couple of them.
  6. Hey Jerry. This issue has nothing to do with GSAP. You don't have an element with an ID of sensil-product on your page, which is what your selector is looking for.
  7. Looks like a remnant from an approach that I ended up not using as a part of that demo. It could be removed.
  8. So it's a configurator of sorts then. That means that either: You have a different video (or GIF) for each possible configuration. Then you swap out which one is shown based on the selection. Or You have a WebGL model (or models) where you can toggle the display of various parts depending on what the user selected. In both cases, most of the work will probably be before any code is written. Most of the work is setting up the models and other assets. It'd probably be best to use a program like Blender to create the models. If you haven't done something like this before, it might be worth hiring someone to help you with the models. In any case, it doesn't seem like you have clear enough requirements for hiring a software developer right now
  9. Hey Emily. Are you wanting a WebGL implementation of the teetering? If you only need images, you don't need any JavaScript.
  10. Hey DoPhuongAnh and welcome to the GreenSock forums. Here's how I'd break down this effect: Position all of the text, one after another, around a circle. You've already done most of this! The text will overlap at this point. Select all of the parts of the text for each segment (in the case of the site you linked that means each person's name). Store this for reference. Keep a reference of which part is currently active. Whenever the active segment changes, rotate the circle so that the active one is where you want it. Also animate the transparency of all of the segments that are off screen to 0. Animate the transparency of the segments next to the active one to a value like 0.7 or so. Animate the transparency of the active segment to 1. Hopefully that will help you get a bit further than where you are now
  11. Hey Marc. This is simply because of how your CSS is set up. Each line has the overflow hidden, but some characters go more than the current line height. You can see that it's the issue if you remove your CSS for the line height. There's not a simple fix for that sort of situation. One solution is to use the default line height and translate the lines minorly instead. Then when SplitText is done and you revert the HTML you could add back in your line height.
  12. It sounds like you're looking for GSAP's staggers. If you need more customization, use a functional value for the delay property.
  13. No, there's no client-side authentication for GSAP files. Currently your site is giving a 404 for the DrawSVG file (the current URL it's looking at is /ektest/content/gsap-simply-green/esm/DrawSVGPlugin.js which I found using the Network tab in the dev tools). I'm guessing the path is wrong. But you also want to be using the minified, non-modules version, not the ESM version as Jack said.
  14. Hey @Akunin and welcome to the GreenSock forums. Please create a minimal demo of the issue and create a new thread about your issue like this thread covers:
  15. This came up on StackOverflow. Here's another version of Blake's pen which might be helpful for future readers: https://codepen.io/ZachSaucier/pen/gOWGKQZ
  16. Hey joaooliva and welcome to the GreenSock forums. Have you gotten what you wanted working in a minimal form first? If so, then the issue is just converting it to Webflow. If not, please try to make a minimal demo first If you still have a question let us know.
  17. Hey informanimated and welcome to the GreenSock forums. You'd need to position it so that one copy is to the left of the viewport instead of to the right, making sure that the wrapping is happening for the updated positioning. You'd also need to change the sign of the x value in the animation.
  18. Hey Eli. It sounds like you're wanting something like this: Perhaps there's a more recent thread about the same subject - I haven't been following these forums very closely the last few months @Cassie or @GreenSock has there been any public update related to this subject?
  19. Hey Figar. Those effects are created using custom WebGL GLSL shaders. It's not the most simple thing to write one yourself but you can find a lot of existing effects on sites like Codrops. This article about mixing WebGL with regular webpage content might help as well.
  20. Creating that effect should be pretty straightforward with the Text plugin
  21. Hey @vsiege. Please send member inquiries to info@greensock.com or reach out via our contact page
  22. Hey Stepheno and welcome to the GreenSock forums. The exact transition from up above isn't the most trivial with the Flip plugin because 3D transforms aren't directly supported by the Flip plugin (as stated in the docs for it). With that being said, Flip can handle the sizing and positioning changes for you and you could hook into the onStart callback to fire off a rotation animation as well.
  23. Someone else may be able to better explain why setting the duration of the timeline doesn't work well, but usually for things like this I add a dummy tween: https://codesandbox.io/s/gsap-scrolll-forked-37lbi?file=/src/App.js Side note: you don't needs quotes around the scale value.
  24. @PointC I completely forgot about the CSS wrapper, haha.