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  1. Thanks Carl, wil give it a look. Decided as well to study some Jquery first, before I go a step further.
  2. Would be very gratefull if somebody can help, just can't get started with on mouseover, even after checking out several codepen demos and searchs here at the forum.
  3. Hey to you all. I am very very new in Tweening and programming in general and studied a bit the past months. Have a small one running on my website www.casitadelcuco.es but can't find out how I can add a simple mouse over effect. I have this Tween : var myBannerTimeline = new TimelineLite(); myBannerTimeline.from('#vogelhuisje', 5, {css:{top:-500}, ease:Bounce.easeOut}) .from('#plank01', 1, {css:{left:-20,top:30}, ease:Bounce.easeOut}) .from('#plank02', 1, {css:{left:40,top:-50}, ease:Bounce.easeOut}) .from('#plank03', 1, {css:{left:-60,top:70}, ease:Bounce.eas