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  1. Hey, thanks for the replies


    sorry about the bloated code example


    Does it also happen if you use the browser zoom controls.. not the zoom / pan controls of SVG.


    Not shure what you mean, the problem was with browser zoom initially.


    Turns out Firefox has some problems with svg element transform origin as well. Found some solutions on stackoverflow, alternatively you could just wrap the animated elements into seprate svg-s and transform those, avoiding all the innter svg schinanigans.

  2. Hi gs forums,


    I love GSAP, the best tool for animating on the web by far.


    Been dabbling with draggable plugin for quite a while and was wondering is there a way apply increasing edge resistance based on distance from container instead of applying full amount of resistance once the draggable hits the edge? something like applying a function instead of a float var maybe?


    its a little thing, but would make feel bit smoother, especially with the scroll option.


    Thanks in advance!

  3. Hello,

    I've been fiddling with the greensock platform and plugins for a while and I'm impressed! Both - with the capabilities and the performance.


    I'm building a prototype of a fullscreen 2-way scroll system. A full window master - that scrolls and snaps horizontally. And with vertically scrolling elements inside. The goal is to get native scrolling full pages swipable up'n'down and side-to-side with snapping.


    Here's what i need help with:


    See the Pen mvDfz by skorpa (@skorpa) on CodePen


    Worked so far as intended - The vertical scroll cancels the parent horizontal scroll on onDragStart by passing endDrag to it, and vice versa, but only works with a mouse. With touch devices you can only control horizontal scroll. disable & enable doesent handle with touch eather and can leave elements frozen offset mid animation. Is there a way to implement this? Compromise is to use non native x, y scrolling and use keyboard or clickable buttons to move left-right I'm guessing..


    And on a side note: Any good ideas how to implement horizontal snapping with native mouse / trackpad scrolling? Thinking - animate to the nearest snap point after a scroll event is fired


    Thanks in advance!