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  1. Ah that's right... thanks for the help!
  2. Hi everybody, So I'm playing around the latest GSAP SrollToPlugin and trying to recreate this sample published on the site: http://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/LkOrKY The issue I occurred is when I click on the navigation, the content will jump back to the top first then do the scroll, I found if I use the <button> instead of <li> then it works just fine. Does anyone knows what cause this issue? Thanks in advance. Here's the code: https://jsfiddle.net/cotyhsu/6rrdt6kw/3/
  3. Hi Carl, Thanks for your input! Best, Coty
  4. Hi guys, So if I have to stick with v11, how should I modify this line? tween.progress(Math.max((mouseX-startMouseX)/(d5.x-startMouseX), 0)); I tried tween.progress = Math.max((mouseX-startMouseX)/(d5.x-startMouseX), 0); and it is not working (undefined property), wondering if anyone have thought on that, thanks in advance. Regards, Coty