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  1. Thanks for your advice. I've tried to recreate the issue into a simple example, but unfortunately I can't replicate the problem. I'd show you the project but I don't think I'm permitted to do so currently, sadly. I'm not setting the useRAF to false, although when I tried out of curiosity, both easeljs and TweenMax seemed to be in sync, but that they both slowed down to less than a frame per second during the intensive bit! I put in logs on both the onUpdate of a tween that runs throughout and on the update function of easel, and at the most intensive parts, there's definitely a dif
  2. I was wondering if anyone could help me with an issue involving TweenMax and Easeljs. We're nearing completion of a game built in EaselJS, and just in the device testing phase. We're finding on some lower end devices, such as the iPhone 4 (iOS7), that whenever the framerate drops from our standard of 24 to around 18 or less, any TweenMax tweens currently running will appear to run at an incredibly low framerate compared to anything else. Other non-tweened movements will continue as you would expect at the framerate drop, but we'll only see as little as three frames in any one TweenMax