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  1. Right ok, I'm following now! Makes sense! Thank you!
  2. Ok, so I've managed to get the images down to 4 spritesheets with Texture Packer, It also churns out css with classes with background positions for images. Would I have to use the ticker method to cycle through classes from 001, 002, 003. Would this method work? Is it recommended?
  3. Thanks Jamie, it was created at 50fps so yes, I would want to keep as close to that as possible. I've managed to halve the number of images now, but I guess I'm still going to have to deal with the issue of loading them to enable it to run smoothly. Thanks for your help guys, I'm looking into this now.
  4. Hi Rodrigo, That sounds interesting, I will look into the tick event thank you.
  5. Ha, I know! Great, i'll have a look at the examples. Thanks
  6. Hi Guys, I have a bit of a conundrum so I thought I would put it past the experts! I have a video sequence that has been exported as 300+ png's, some coming in at 300kb. I'm looking for the most optimised method to animate the sequence. I'm already using GSAP in this project however I'm not sure it would be best suited. I was thinking an image replacement method but its an awful lot of calls and combining them into a sprite will create a huge file. Thanks Wes
  7. Hi Both, Thank you for your replies. I had all libraries present just incase. I recreated the codepen the isolated code worked. I'll do some more digging. There must be something else causing a conflict. I'll let you know my findings!
  8. Hi Guys, I just wanted to share an issue I was faced with yesterday, incase it helps anyone else experiencing the same problem. After successfully creating tweens with tweenlite, I wanted to convert my code to timelineLite format. On doing so my animation stopped working. After several hourse of debugging, I eventually got it o work. The problem was with the Tweenmax library I was referencing. I was referencing the latest library, however changing the library to 1.8.4 resolved my issue. The library was present but for some reason my animation would not start. My code was in the format: $('document').ready(function() { var tl = new TimelineLite(); tl.to(element, 2, {autoAlpha:1}) }) Someone may have a better insight as to exactly why it did this... Wes
  9. a13

    Starting out with GSAP

    Thank you Rodrigo. Very much appreciated. I will take a look. Thanks
  10. a13

    Starting out with GSAP

    Hi Rodrigo, Thank you for your response. Your advice is most helpful. I had chose fullpage.js as it does what I need, however If I can get the same results with superscollorama then I'll go for that and keep things consistant. Although saying that I have just visited it the site on an ipad and it doesn't appear to behave! Thank you very much for the links I have a lot of digging to do!! My end goal is to produce something similar to the BeoplayH6 site so I've got some work to do! Regards
  11. Hi I'm looking to start out with GSAP for a project. I am building a parallax scrolling site with animated elements as the user scrolls down the page. My approach is to use a framework for the repsonsive layout, an existing jquery script for the parallax scrolling and GSAP for animating the more complex animations work? Is this a logical approach or should I be looking for a more GSAP focussed approach? My concerns is taking too much on with GSAP as I have time constraints. II would be grateful of your thoughts.