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  1. so basically there is nothing i can do to prevent an iframe from this behaviour ?
  2. Lately i've experienced a wired issue: i produced a wallpaper with a leaderboard and a sidebar. they both started animation (gsap) at the the same time. but when i scrolled down the page, and the leaderboard left the view, and i scrolled back to top, the leaderboard had pasued its animation and resumed it when coming back to view, having the effect that the sidebar had almost finished its timeline while the leaderboard was still at the beginning. so the whole sync had been crashed. it seems like firefox on mac is pausing rendering on iframes that are not in view. has anyone experienced the same issue and maybe has a solution for it? thanks and best regards wolfgang
  3. I have a wallpaper made out of two iframes, a leaderbord with 728x90 and a skyscraper 160x600, so called hockeystick. both iframes are synced via sessionstorage, so the animation runs smoothley across both frames. i animate with greensock anim library. When i scoll down the page, the leaderbord scrolls out of view, the skyscraper is sticky and remains in view. the skyscraper keeps animating, but when i scroll back to top, the leaderbord obviously has stopped the animation when it left the view and now proceeds the animation as if the browser has "frozen" the frame as long as it is out of view (Firefox/Mac). of course it looks ugly, because the animations are now not in sync anymore. i have seen other hockeysticks that seem not to have that problem. i cannot find something about this issue on google. anyone any idea? thanks!