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  1. Hi! I have a slider that I want to control a timeline with. The slider should tween to a new position when a button is clicked. When this is done, a timeline is played from label "x" to label "y". I'm running into some trouble trying to conceptualise how this is going to work though. Right now I have added the sliding tween to the same timeline as the rest of the elements and it doesn't work. I understand why it doesn't work but I have trouble figuring out what to use instead. This codepen is from my latest attempt, I've commented every line so it's easier to understand the code: http://codepen.io/chrisgiggles/pen/LpPPYq Here's a pen with my first prototype where the sliding part works as expected: http://codepen.io/chrisgiggles/pen/VvZZWw
  2. Thanks guys! That was super helpful : ) Hey, this might be a case of sloppy coding on my part. That particular pen was originally built using CSS animations and the Greensock stuff is pretty much retrofitted, so there might be weird issues where I have missed to clean up my CSS causing the app to go haywire. With that said, I've had several weird issues across the site the past few days. Sometimes the fonts all revert times new roman, sometimes when I'm browsing the popular picks the preview won't load in editor mode. I'm using the latest Chrome on OSX Mavericks
  3. So I just started using GSAP yesterday and still trying to get a hang of everything. I ran into a weird issue almost right off the bat. I have a timeline where the first thing I do is change the background color of the header. The problem I'm encountering in Chrome & Safari is that the background goes from: semi-transparent white -> fully transparent -> semi-transparent black. It's not supposed to go to fully transparent obviously. Firefox even refuses to animate back to the original semi-transparent white. Enough talk, here's the pen: http://codepen.io/chrisgiggles/pen/HcDze Bonus points: How am I doing code-wise? Is it sensible to have two timelines? Should I create one timeline and control the stop points with keywords?